Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hey family!
How are you doing! Wow, time is really ticking down isn't it? Well this past week was good! Unfortunately we had to drop practically every single investigator that we had because they were just going nowhere, BUT!!!!!! We received a total tender mercy from Heavenly Father by being able to pick up a new investigator that really want's to get baptized and is totally pump about the gospel! Her name is Marie and the elders from the Minneola Ward found her because she was living on there side, and they were able to teach her lesson 1 and 2 and then she had to move and now she lives on her side and so we get to finish teaching her. But weirdly enough her fellowship has always been in our ward and when she comes to church it's always in our ward so Sister Lokotui and I have been able to help her from day one, which is nice, we are just so excited now that she is in our ward! She has a baptismal date for November 1st, so we are working really hard to have that happen and just crossing our fingers and praying that we will be able to help her get to that point! But I think it can be done! And guess what else! My other investigator Angie that lives in Lecanto Ward is also getting baptized on November 1st! I am SO excited for her! I worked with her the whole time that I was there and she had a lot of health issues and a hard time quitting smoking, but she really is making so much progress and is really sticking to her goal of baptism and hasn't smoked in 40 days with this program that she is on! I am so exited for her to be baptized, it is something that she has wanted for a long time and she basically is already a member of the church. She came every week when her health permitted it and all the ward members know her. She does FHE, and scripture study and everything! She is so great! I wish I could go to her baptism, but that's ok I am just so happy that she has finally made it! And Nathan my other convert from Viera is doing so well! He Facebook messages me all the time to update me on how things are going with him. He moved into the Viera 2nd ward, so everyone was sad to see him leave, but it's still the same building at least! But he is a gospel essentials teacher, he was also asked last Sunday to teach High Priest, could you believe that! He is on a roll! He also goes out with the missionaries all the time and just loves it. He loves the gospel so much, hahaha I still remember the first time that Sister Kreiberg and I knocked on his door and we asked him to come to church with us and he was like I can't super bowl is going to be playing and we said "Well Nathan would God want you at church or watching football?" Haha and then the rest is history from there! Oh man missions are the BEST! Haha I can't even imagine my life without all the wonderful people I have met here in Florida. I am so grateful that I got to serve in the best mission in the world! Well I love you all and I am excited to see you in 2 weeks! Peace! 

Sister Jamison

Monday, October 13, 2014

Clermont, Florida October 13, 2014

Hey Family!
How are you all doing this week? I know I always ask that but I don't hear back from many of you.... hint hint........... Well my week was pretty great. Sister Lokotui and I did a lot of finding this week and we were able to get some good potential investigators, so we will see what happens with them. We have also been focusing a lot lately on working with the members on their missionary efforts. We have a family mission plan that we have been using and it has been going pretty well with the families that have it so far. It is so great that we have so many opportunities to be able to share the gospel. There really is no reason why we can't be sharing all the time. Obviously the Internet is the best way to go about it right now. The messages we post can be so powerful and as we take the time to link them so many people can see them we sure can do a lot of good. The other day I was on looking at "How members are sharing the goodness" and whom do I see but my own brother Samuel Jamison sharing the goodness over his instagram posts. Way to go Sam! Did you know, those of you who are not under the age of 30 that you can hashtag (#) things and it will link to public pages on Facebook and other websites? So cool right. That is part of our job to share the goodness through the Internet. It is so easy and it makes it possible for you to choose what is public and what is not. As you know Brandon my last RC found the gospel because a family was not afraid to share what they believed through the Internet, and look at him now, he is a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and couldn't be happier. You never know whom you will impact through inspired messages online. Sharing a Mormon Message is good, but there is always a better way and a best way. Through a hashtag in there or link an lds website, it's so easy and that way millions can see your message! As missionaries we are called to serve but every one of us as members are called to share. Being able to see how the gospel changes people’s lives should be motivation enough for all of us to do our part. And to think now Heavenly Father has blessed us to be able to do it in such an easy way!:) I hope you all got to go and see Meet the Mormons as well. Our mission got to watch it the day before at the church because President Berry had a special code. The movie was SO wonderful; I hope that you all get the chance to see it! Well mi Familia, I will talk to you next week! Love you and see you soon!

Sister Jamison

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 5, 2014 - Clermont, Florida

Hey Family! 
How are you this week! I hope well! Wasn't Conference great!!! I loved it so much! I wish that they could have conference 4 times a year instead of just twice! WOW! I loved that there were so many talks on the leaders of the church namely the prophet and how he is the mouthpiece of the Lord here on the earth.  It really was making me think about the simple yet profound counsel that the prophet gives to us and how truly blessed we are as we heed it. In the Book of Mormon the phrase "and inasmuch as ye keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land" is repeated more than 22 times by the prophets, some food for thought there I think? The Lord makes promises to us through His servants and as we follow we truly will prosper in the land. Just as talked about in conference, Heavenly Father really knows us by name and what we need and He is ready to bless us when we call upon Him. The prophet teaches us the correct way that we can follow Jesus Christ and how we can receive blessings at the hands of the Savior. I know that the Lord knows us and that there is nothing that we can't do with His help. I see and hear things all the time about people in the church falling away or losing the testimony that they had so strongly at one point. My whole mission I have pondered how on earth especially return missionaries can fall into such a pit hole such as this. Well as I have been thinking about and studying this question I remember the word's of Elder Walker an area 70 that came to visit our mission last year, he quoted the scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants 88:85 which says " Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man." He also quotes Doctrine and Covenants 43:9-10 which says " And thus ye shall become instructed in the law of my church, and be sanctified by that which ye have received, and ye shall bind yourselves to act in all holiness before me- That inasmuch as ye do this, glory shall be added to the kingdom which ye have received. Inasmuch as ye do it not, it shall be taken, even that which ye have received." He spoke to us about how the Spirit isn't magically going to give you words or a testimony that you don't have. Unless you study the Spirit has nothing to work with. It kind of makes me think of the visual that we are all like a watering well, if there is no water at the bottom you cant get anything from it and your labor is in vain. However if you draw from a well that has water then you will receive that which you are seeking to get. From a non-missionary/teaching stand point, we are all the same. We are taught to live, eat, breath the gospel. To study the scriptures and pray daily in our families, and to have weekly family home evening. These are essential to us retaining that which we have received by the spirit, and when we don't take care to nourish that which we have, it will be taken from us, even all that we have. I know may people who become lax in their study of the gospel and their own personal continued revelation from God.  There was a bishop I saw with a note on his door that read, " Have daily scripture study, family prayer and weekly family home evening, and then come and talk to me." Duuuhhhhh so many influences in the world seem to throw people of track so quickly that the first response is to run to the bishop to fix the problem. The Lord has already given us solutions to our problems, and it all starts in the home. I am so eternally grateful for my opportunity to serve a mission, it has opened my eyes in ways that could have never happened outside the consecrated service of the Lord. No person or possession could ever mean more to me than the relationship I continue to form with Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Man I could go on and on, I am excited to come home and live the rest of my life as a faithful member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. Nothing in my life has brought me more happiness than that I have received from my Father in Heaven. It really is black and white, you either follow Jesus Christ or you do not. There is no sort of following Him one day and then not. Make the decision and then do it. John 15:10-20, I'll leave that for you to look up. If we love Him we will keep His commandments, there is no greater expression of love than obedience. Love you, see ya soon

Sister Jamison

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014, Clermont, Fl

Hey family,

 How are you? I hope really good.  Well so as half of you already know I got transferred to Clermont, FL, and it is great here! It is really close to Orlando City and it is beautiful! It is way "hilly" too. Ha-ha I didn't think that such a place existed in FL, but apparently it does! Well since it is the end of the month too we have next to no miles so we have been biking every single day all day long and it's killing me... hahaha really though, I have't biked since I have been in Viera because you don't bike in Lecanto and so I am really sore. But we will be better at managing our miles this next month so that we don’t have to bike as much. But my new companion is Sister Lokotui (low-kah-too-e) and she is WONDERFUL! I love her to death, we get along so great, it is seriously like being with Lindsay again. So I am really glad that I have a stellar companion! Sister Lokoti has been out on the mission for almost 5 months, so she's pretty new but she is so good, she really just had it all together if you get what I mean. She is great at teaching and contacting people and just working hard, so it is really nice to be with her and really work equally together. And she is so cute, she is from Australia and she has the cutest accent! I love listening to her talk haha the ward is also really awesome, there are some really interesting characters in the ward but I love them! The first night I got here we went and visited the Gradeless family and they are soo awesome. They are a young couple with a little girl -Easton- who is 4 I think and then a little boy -Rivers- who is 1 and a half. They are such a cute little family. It was so funny because Brother Gradeless seriously is a copy of Gus Garcia haha they don't really look alike but they have the same personality and it was so funny to listen to him talk, it really was like talking to Gus, and then so weird Sister Gradeless looks soo much like Devin Brown it's freaky haha when we walked into church I saw her and had to do a double take because I thought it was Devin haha oh funny. But this area is going to be really fun. It has been worked over like crazy and the people here are a little hard, but it's ok. Sister Lokotui had our first official lesson with an investigator named Kim and her 3 kids on Tuesday and it went really well. The spirit was so strong and Kim was crying through the whole lesson. She and her 3 kids really are so prepared for the gospel. We invited all 4 of them to be baptized and they accepted which was great. But the only bad thing is Kim is separating with her husband right now and they are filing for divorce and it's been so hard on Kim and her 3 kids. 2 boys and the youngest a girl, weird right? But basically the husband is kind of a scrub and just ditched them, but Kim was talking to him the other day on the phone and I guess telling him how she was going to get into church with the kids and that they wanted to be baptized. Well he said no and that he didn't want them to do that, so Kim called us and told us that they couldn't come to our church or be baptized because her soon to be ex doesn't want them to and she feels that she is going against him. Well we told her that we respected her and her decision, but asked if we could still come over to teach her. We feel that if we are still able to teach her and help her to be baptized that eventually one day her kids will want to be too. It is so sad, because you can see that Kim is shying away from the gospel because she is trying to save her marriage and please her husband, but he really just wants nothing to do with them anymore. Hopefully as we teach her she will realize how much this gospel can bless her life and she will take the steps to progress to be an example to her children. I feel bad for the kids though because they really want to be baptized. But I know they can make it there someday with Kim leading the way. So we will see them tonight and we will be talking about the Atonement and the Savior and how He can help us to over come anything that comes our way. And that as we put him first that we truly will be blessed in all other aspects of life. I really hope that it goes well! We also have dinner with the Edwards family tonight and they hopefully will be able to get their non-member friend there so that we can have FHE. Man I cannot believe that I will be home in 5 weeks! It really blows my mind. That is sooo soon. I just can't imagine what it is going to feel like not being a missionary anymore. I feel like this is my whole life, I don't know anything else. I am kind of nervous to go back into the "normal" way of life, definitely going to be a transition for me! But thank you all for all the continued love and support that you give me! I will see you all very soon!

Sister Jamison
Still in Lecanto on this one.

It was raining very hard outside and the improvised hat protects the hair.
Sister Lokotui is not as worried about her hair.

With Sister Low, her original trainer.

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 The day before transfers

Dear Family, 
How are things going this week? Well as you area all probably wondering, yes I am getting transferred tomorrow! Wohoo! I am very excited to be able to move on for the last transfer of my mission. It will be a little odd to be in an area I don't know very well for such a short time, but I really need the change. The Lord is just always changing your life up as a missionary! But anyways this week has been good. I haven't been feeling to good lately so I have been in the apartment for a few days trying to catch up in a sense and that has seemed to help a little. But Angie is doing so well. She is so excited for her baptism and her progress in the gospel. I am of course very excited for her too. We had a really fun FHE with her and her daughter Bianca last week. We talked about the apostasy and played a fun game and Angie made us all an apple cobbler treat for the end. That was nice of her. We also found 2 new investigators this week, which was nice! They are both young and into all the science religion type stuff. But we were able to teach them and have pretty good lessons. Nathan the one guy is 21 and he is actually a less actives son in the ward who isn't willing to come to church, but we were able to meet with Nathan. He had some interesting ideas about life and what happens to us when we die, a very scientific approach, some of the stuff seemed odd, but we invited him to pray and read the Book of Mormon and he said he would!  We also got to teach a 20-year-old guy named Austin and he is all about God and science and what not and I guess he can prove God exist with math, it was interesting as well. But he was very nice. The one thing that was a little hard for me with both of these young guys is that they were very caught up in having to prove everything and science and this and that. So we really trying to help them to see that it is through faith that we can know if these things are true. Not facts from Google. Austin seemed to agree, but it was a bit harder for Nathan. So I guess we will see what happens. But that is kind of all for the week. Like I said I have been a little sick so I was in more than I would have liked to be. But hopefully things are on the up and up now. Only 6 weeks till I see you all. I am way excited! Love you! 

Sister Jamison

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 - Saving one gopher turtle at a time

September 15, 2014

How is everyone, I am always hoping great of course! Well this week kind of went by fast, but they all seem to do that... Sister Petersen and I had a really amazing miracle this week. Well where to start. We had a lot of people cancel on us this week, which is always a bummer, but as a missionary that's just kind of the story of my life. So we ended up doing a whole lot of tracting and visiting our less active members. Which was nice I love visiting less actives. I don't know if I told you about the less active members that just moved into our ward, the Conkright family. Well anyways we have built a really good relationship with them and we have gotten them to come with us twice! It’s been so great and they are so awesome and really want to get involved in the church again. On Wednesday the 2 kids Nicky and Daniel preformed in the talent show the youth were having and they did a great job! They just seem so much happier now they there are getting more involved in church and I am so glad! So my word and Daniel the punk and I only say that because I love the kid, got a fake snake, and we went over for dinner and they really live out in the middle of the woods and there are a ton of creatures and after dinner it was dark and he had run outside and put the snake on top of the car right on the passenger side, so when I went to open the door it was right in my face and all I could do was scream and then I hear Daniel in the bushes laughing his head off I grabbed the snake and threw it at him. I still have to think of a way to get him back before I go! But they are a really great family and I am really excited to have gotten to know them for the time that I did. 
So I don't know if you remember me talking about a woman that I met when I first got to Lecanto named Angela, but if you don't I will give you a recap. Angie is in her 30's and has MD and she also had a 13-year-old daughter. Angie has been taught by the missionaries for about a year, and she had a baptismal date at one point, but was feeling like she was being pressured into it so she backed out and then the missionaries stopped visiting her. Well when I got here she was an old former investigator and Sister Murphy and I decided to go and visit her and at the time she still wasn't ready to be baptized or anything and she had started smoking again and such. Well ever since that time we have been stopping by and trying to visit her and it's been pretty good, then we didn't see Angie basically all summer because she was having some major health issues and also had to have her gallbladder removed and the hospital that she was at even though it's up the road in Ocala, isn't in our mission. So we weren't able to see her. Well this last week she Facebook messaged us and asked us if we could come over. So we went and visited her and she said "Sister's I need to have you help me make a plan, I have already stopped smoking and I am on a patch program that weans you off nicotine over 7 weeks. I want to be baptized on November 8th when my program is done." Sister Petersen’s and my jaw dropped and she said as well " I have already been reading the scriptures ever day and I also like watching those cartoon scriptures you Mormons make." I was really shocked, so I pulled out my little notebook and made a game plan with Angie on how she is going to accomplish this and the things that she would need to do. It really was a miracle. She also came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours, which she normally didn't do in the past. She is really determined to make it to baptism, and we are excited to help her. I am really glad though that I was at least able to be here to hear her decision to be baptized. When I first got here she had a bit of negative feelings about some of the old missionaries that she had and some things about church. But for some reason Angie and I really hit it off when we met and I was able to help her feel better about things and help her to know that she can work at her own pace and that she doesn't have to feel pressured about being baptized. We became really good friends and I think that is why she has felt comfortable to tell me things about her life and how she feels about joining a church. I feel like it has also enabled me to be able to be "lovingly bold" with her, because she knows I'm not trying to be pushy, but because I really care about her, which I am glad. I think that is one thing that I love about being a missionary, people just trust you. They don't even have to know you for more than an hour and they trust you with their whole life. People all the time that I don't even know open up to me about their entire lives and know that I will listen. And I also know that it is not because of me, but because I have the Savior's name on my chest and that is a name that people trust. I hope that I will be able to still help people in the same way when I get home, but I fear that it just isn't the same when you are not a missionary. As many of you know I have been struggling these past couple of transfers with my companion. I have been at the brink of frustration more than I feel is my fair share, but I have tried hard to control my own selfish feelings and just work it out. It still is harder than anything I ever want to do again, but I feel that the Lord is helping me to see that only I can let myself get upset or mad or angry. I honestly can say that I am grateful because it helps me to realize exactly what I can handle and what I cannot. And especially what I am going to expect out of someone when I get married someday. I am in a situation where I cannot just run away, but I have to fix it and try and make it better. I feel that is to some extent what Heavenly Father requires of those that are married. That is the most important thing we do in this life, we are supposed to take care of it, and when it's broken running away shouldn't be the first thought, it should be to fix it. Well that's all I can wisdom up for the week. Today we are going over to Homosassa to look at Manatees. That should be fun. Talk to you all soon, love you 

Sister Jamison