Monday, July 21, 2014

Sister Jamison and Sister Peterson

Sister Jamison and Richard
Sister Jamison and Sister Peterson

July 21, 2014 - Still in Lecanto, Fl

What's up best family in the world!!!! Well this week has just been FULL of all over the placeness! And what I mean by that is I really don't know! So where do I even start....
So Richard has his baptismia interview this week and it went SUPER well! He is so exctied for his baptism. When he came out of his interview he was shaking everyone hands and saying " I am getting baptized! You don't know how excited I am to be getting baptized! I feel like I am floating away!" haha it was so cute. He was just smiling from ear to ear! We also found a new investigator (crossing my fingers) hopefully, named Mike. He is really nice, he is about 50 or so and he is such a good guy. His mother and handicap son live with him and his wife and oh his wife is semi-handicap from some accident and he just takes care of them all and loves them all so much, not to mention that he watches his grand kids all the time while his daughter works. I mean he just has endless energy. But anyways we had a really good lesson on the Restoration with him this last week and everything that we taught him he said really made sense.  We also gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would read it! We were supposed to meet with him again on Sunday but he had to cancel because he had to work, so we are going to try and see him again this week. So I hope that it goes well because he is legit! We also had a crazy beyond all belief of miracles happen this week with our Facebook/Online Proselyting... So ok I will start with Brandon. Brandon is a guy that lives in our area and he is a truck driver so he is hardly ever home.  But I guess that he was online one day and he was looking at and he wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon to read so he called the phone number and got a hold of a missionary in the MTC, and she said that she would call the local bishop (Bishop Hoki) and have the missionaries come and give him one. (so this was like over a month ago) So then she made him a referral online and it got sent to the elders iPads, and so they added him on facebook and was like " Hey when can we come and give you a Book of Mormon, what’s your address." type of thing, and Brandon said that his plans got a little rearranged and that he had to leave town again real soon to drive a load somewhere, but that he was praying that Heavenly Father would help him to get a Book of Mormon. Well ok so the elders were able to find out that he lived in our area so they transferred the referral to us and so we went searching for him online and found him and messaged him and told him that we were the missionaries in his area and that we would be happy to bring him a Book of Mormon when he gets home, and he said that would be great but in the mean time he had downloaded it and was listening to it as he drives  (well that’s cool) Ok so then the week goes by and we messaged him and asked him when he was going to be back and he said, Sisters you will never believe this. and he went on to tell us how he was at a truck stop somewhere in the grand old USA and he met a person who randomly started talking to him and gave him a Book of Mormon (awesome member missionary) and that they felt like he should have it. Well so now Brandon has the Book of Mormon and when he messaged us he said that he was almost done reading it. Ok so that’s way to cool, but his schedule has been way crazy and he is out of town right now, but we told him that we can teach him over Skype and Facebook and that we would love to do that and he agreed, and gave us his info so that we could begin teaching him online. So cool, so we will meet with him this week on Skype and our ward mission leader is going to come to the lesson with us at the church. I am way excited to see what happens! Ok and number 2 coolest thing that happened, we were on facebook one day and Sister Petersen gets a message from a guy in India and he say "Sister please keep me in your prayers, thank you and God Bless." Well we messaged him back and told him that we were missionaries and that we shared messages about Jesus Christ and that whatever he was going through at this moment would get better as he comes closer to the Savior. He replied that he was Catholic and that it was ok, that he just wanted prayers and so we said no problem we will definitely pray for you, and then we gave him the link to the website and told him that he should check it out and that he could find messages on there that would really bless his life. Well about a week later we get a message from him that says "Sister I want to learn this gospel you share with me, I hope its good." And we assured him that of course it was and we told him that we could chat on Facebook and teach him and that we could work it out with the time difference and everything and he said that would be good. (We aren't going to open it to Skype chat yet until we know its ok, in case something weird happens) But that is really cool! We looked up the churches nearest him and did you know that there is a Salt Lake City India? hahahaha of course that is where the Mormon church is! Anways we will see how that goes! But in other news I have been having way to many people trying to set me up this week hahah so weird a member in the ward Sister Gibson was telling me about her 36 year old nephew who lives in STG and how he struggles to find any girls, but how she knows he would like me, but that I would have to do all the work in our dating relationship because he is shy hahahahah  I was like Are you joking?  ummmmm NO haha of course I didn't say that to her but I was sure thinkin' it.. hahahaha oh my and on Sunday after church Richard was like I need to tell you something, oh wait never mind you wont come over anymore if I do. And I was like what is it Richard? And he was like don't take this the wrong way, but you very pretty Sister Jamison, I really like your eyes and you have nice eyelashes. There's just something about you that I like and you are still pretty even with all your pimples (pointing at my legs.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) And by pimples he meant all my bug bite scars on my legs and ankles. Oh my gosh I tried not to laugh but it was so funny and also because he has such a thick accent. But anyways dramaaaaaa......hahahahaha we also had a pioneer party this week and that was fun, Richard came and he liked it. And there was a funeral that we were at.   I was trying to avoid the viewing but you couldn’t miss seeing as she was hangin out right by the front door casket open and all. Needless to say I wanted to throw up.... and then another member died yesterday morning. So many old people, death is not a rare thing in this ward unfortunately...... Well I have no more time gotta go! Love ya! 

Sister Jamison

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey family, 
So this week was really good, Richard is still doing great and really excited for his baptism.  The other day one of the ward missionaries was at the temple and purchased Richard a really nice set of scriptures in Spanish as a gift for his baptism. I am really excited about that; it will be nice for him to have! 
We have been struggling though I guess you could say with finding new people to teach. We have found a few solid potentials but nothing to good yet. We met a man the other night named Wallace and he was a potential from our Area Book. And so we went and visited him and guess what is so crazy about him? We introduced ourselves and he was like oh ya I just got done reading your Bible, and we were like uh what do you mean? And he said " I will show you, be right back." Then he walks back out to us holding the Book of Mormon and he says, "This book, I just got done reading this book and I love it, I read it all the time, it's on of my favorites." Well we were more than shocked and we asked him when he got that book and he said "ohh like 30 years ago." WHAT... That is so crazy.  We asked him if we could come back and talk to him more about the Book of Mormon and what he liked about it and he said that we could but that he is really busy all of the time.  He sleeps all day and wakes up at 6pm so that he can get ready to go to work.  He does a taxi business and he drives all night long, and he was also telling us how his wife is a schoolteacher and that she is at work all day during the school year, so they really never get to see each other. Wallace also plays the guitar and he plays gigs for churches. So we definitely have some obstacles with him. But if we were able to set up times to meet with him in his busy life he would be the most solid investigator there ever was! So I am really hoping that something will happen. But if not I think he will be ok because he so is going to get baptized one day.
We also had a bit of an interesting night last night. Sister Petersen and I were out trying to contact less actives and potentials and whomever we could find and we went to visit a less active family that we had never met before, well holy cow is not the sufficient term to explain what happened.  We knocked on the door and you could see the lady looking at us through the window at the top and then we heard her say, "How did they find us, what are the doing here!!" Then she flung open the door stepped out and got right in our face and yelled "Who are you!" and I said we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of and then she cut me off and yelled "What do you want!" And then she proceeded to say some other colorful things that I won't repeat, and was yelling at us about our church and the prophet, etc. etc. and how she is not a member anymore. And so we tried to explain what she could do so that she wouldn't be a member anymore and that unless she did so other members of the church unknowing of her feelings toward the church were inevitably going to stop by in the future. Well she didn't listen and continued to yell over us and wave her arms up in the air, and then she walked back inside and slammed the door and you could hear her yelling at her husband about how did they find us and why this and why that.  So we left her a nice note telling her we were sorry if we upset her and what she could do to remove herself, etc. etc.  But wow I was so shocked, it has been quite a while since someone yelled at me quite like that, but man she really just went ballistic on us. Oh well when we left I just felt really sorry for her. She doesn't realize what she is doing.  I think that's what brings me the most sadness on my mission is when people get so upset with you and call you things and you just think, Jeeze I don't care what you say or do to me, but please you don't realize what you are giving up and what situation you are putting yourself in! We had another experience similar to this one this week as well. I was on exchanges with my old MTC companion Sister Thomson, and we were out tracting and some man got really mad at us and was calling us all sorts of things and saying that we were crazy and a cult and that  we worshiped Joseph Smith and junk like that. He was a bit more civil though and at least allowed us to say that we only worship Jesus Christ, but for the most part he was just rude too. Oh well I guess... One day they will all learn. I just hope that I am the one that gets to teach these people again, I so want to see their faces when the realize what the truth is... *sigh* 
Well I wish I could write more but my time is up. I love you all and I will see you really soon! 

Sister Jamison

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

How are things in Sunny STG? Super good I hope! Well this week has been a pretty good one. Richard is doing really well and has accepted a baptismal date for this month WOHOOO! I am way excited for him. We talked a lot about baptism last time we were there with him and he basically said that nothing could be holding him back from being baptized, so that is so great! He really is so humble and just want's to learn as much as he can. He really loves the gospel! We also have been working with a lot of less actives in the ward, some of them have started coming back to church, which is so good. I guess there are changes being made to Preach My Gospel as far as the Recent Converts are concerned and that lesson five in PMG is to be taught before baptism (only missionaries will understand what that means) and that missionaries are responsible for teaching the new members the discussions over again because they just are getting done the way they should with the wards. So that is going to be a big responsibility to take care of. But it will be ok, the goal is to get these people to the temple and if that is what it takes then that is what we must do! We are also supposed to visit them a whole lot more and really keep record of how their whole first year as a member along with the help of the ward council is going. So all that really results in is wayyyy longer weekly planning which already kills me, but hey what do ya do? Sister Petersen and I were also able to do service for a member in our ward who is getting remarried soon. He was packing up something’s and no one in the ward would help him and so we offered and goodness I can see why. This poor brother is basically a junkie hoarder and has more stuff than any human being should ever have.  We spent a good chunk of time packing up a collection of "Precious Moments" sculptures (look that up on Google if you don't know what that is- they are hideous) and he had whole display cases of them, so anyways as we were packing them up he came over with a pen and pad and said "Sisters I need to know everything Precious Moments that I have so I want you to write the names of them all down for my inventory, and here is a dry paint brush you can use to dust them of before you pack them."  ok...... That took forever Then after that he had us go through and pack and write the names down of his beanie baby collection, which I can't tell you how many display cases he had of those, and everything had a special pile that it had to go in and certain ones couldn't be packed with other ones. If it were me I'd throw them all in a big tub and called it good. Oh well........... It was nice to be able to do service, so for that I'm grateful. We also have sort of a potential that we could be teaching here in the next few weeks that sounds way legit. His name is Brandon and he is a truck driver that is out of town a lot and about 4 weeks he requested a Book of Mormon from and so the elders went by to give it to him only to figure out that Brandon lives on our side and he wasn't home when the elders stopped by. So they told us about it and I guess the elders had called him and asked when he would be home and he said not for a few weeks, and to try back later-which usually means- don't come back- but any who last week I remember about this Brandon guy and that he should have been back by now and so I looked for him on Facebook and I messaged him and he wrote me and said that he downloaded the Book of Mormon and has been listening to it as he drives and that he was praying one day that God would make it possible for him to obtain a physical copy of it on the road, and then he pulled up to a truck stop and some member of the church happened to see him and start talking to him and GAVE HIM A BOOK OF MORMON and said something like "I think this will be very important for you and will help you come closer to God." Or something like that and so he has been reading that and he said that he is almost all the way through it and that when he is home in a couple of weeks that he would love to meet with us and talk about what he has read and our church! So I am pretty excited about him. I told him that we could do online lessons if he would like, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. But I will let you all know if that goes anywhere because that is pretty darn cool if you ask me! See miracles! Member missionary work is work is seriously the best and so important, you just never know what impact it will have on the people you meet. All of you should get a Book of Mormon and give it to someone; the Lord will bless you and guide you as you try to do His work.  Love you all!

Sister Jamison

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pictures - June 2014

Jessie's clay sculpture of a man with his brain falling out.

A clay sculpture of Jessie by 15 year old Eli 

Sunset -the Gulf of Mexico

Jessie at the Gulf of Mexico

June 30, 2014

Well this week wasn't too exciting, but that's ok haha. We ended up dropping a lot of our investigators, which is always really hard. But if they aren't ready then they aren't and you just gotta move on and find those that are. But Richard is doing so great! I don't know if I said this last week, but he is reading the Book of Mormon, Gospel Principles and Teachings of the Presidents every day! and he is loving church as well. He was so excited that he learned how to read the music in church last Sunday that he sang out real loud yesterday in church, which is good. Then during sacrament Richard opened up his Book of Mormon and pointed to Mosiah 18:17, which says " And they were called the church of God, or the church of Christ, from that time forward. And it came to pass that whosoever was baptized by the power and authority of God was added to His church."  and he said "Sister, this is why we are here." I asked him how did he find that so fast as we were sitting there, and he said "Sister I've been reading, and I’m just good at this." I smiled and said yes you are Richard! I am way happy for him; he really is doing so well. This week when we went over for a lesson he said "Sister what is the D&C's? I see the references, but I don't find them in this book." So we were able to explain to him about the Doctrine and Covenants and give him a triple combination so that he could continue his studies! We also set a baptismal date for Richard in July, he feels that it is a bit soon because he doesn't "know it all" yet but we are helping him to understand that it is ok not to "know it all". He will get there though!
Well this morning we went to the Gulf of Mexico, the part we were at wasn't super nice, but it was cool to see. We played Frisbee for a little bit and that was fun. I am way tired though; hopefully I can rest for a second today! hahaha probably not..... Well I wish I had more exciting things to say but I don't haha Love you all See ya soon!

Sister Jamison