Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Lecanto, Florida w/Sister Murphy

Hey family how are you this week? Well as you know I have been
transferred! I am now in an area called Lecanto. It's way out in the
countryside and it is beautiful out here! It's very green like being
out in the forest (literally) and it's all rolling hills. We don't
bike out here because it's way to hilly and it would take a life time
to get anywhere. We also cover 3 cities - can you believe that?
Beverly Hills, Clearwater, and Inverness and part of Lecanto area are the cities we cover. There is a very small chunk of nice homes out here
but pretty much all the rest is just very run down. A lot of the
people that live here are very old so that's a little weird too.
Everyone out here is a total country bumpkin too. The other day when
Sister Murphy and I were tracting we kept getting comments on how nice
our teeth were, well that's because everyone out here is missing half
of theirs. It was quite surprising haha. Our ward is nice too, but
very old. About 90% percent of the ward is over the age of 75, there
are 3 or 4 youth in the ward and 2 babies. I was way surprised by that
I didn't think such a ward existed. Our church building too is out in
the middle of the forest, you drive down a long street that winds
through the trees and them boom huge church building haha my companion is cool too. Her name is Sister Murphy and she is from Utah of course.  She is 19 and has been out for 3 months now, so super new! She is already such a good missionary though. We get along great so that's nice.

This week was pretty awesome; we had a lot to do! We have a girl we’re visiting named Sarah who wants to be baptized so we set it up for April 26th, she has a smoking habit, but we are helping her to kick that. She is doing really well. I think she will make it on the 26th, it is just going to take a lot of prayers! She has a way cute daughter named Brianna , she is so rambunctious. Every time we go over to visit she runs into me full force and wants me to swing her around. It's so hard not to be able to play with little kids! So I always have to tell her no.
We did have a cool experience this week. We had a lesson with an investigator and we were on our way to the park to meet her and she ended up canceling at the last minute and so we decided to stay and contact at the park even though there was only like 4 people there.  We ended up meeting a guy named Darien. He is 20 and a nice kid. He thought that it was cool that we were on a "missions trip" and he started to talk about how he would like to do one but that there are so many churches that he doesn't know which one he would do it for. He says he is confused as to why there are so many churches, which lead perfectly into Sister Murphy and I being able to testify of the Restoration. We showed him the Mormon Message: the message of the Restoration and then talked about how Joseph Smith had many of the same questions that he has and how he turned to his Heavenly Father to get the answers that he was looking for. We were able to set a return appointment with Darien for later this week. So we are excited for that!
 We also had an awesome Sisters Conference this week, where all the sisters in the mission gathered. It was fun. They had different workshops were we learned how to eat healthy, exercises, hairdos, how to do laundry better and remove stains, etc. and then how to do simple mending things when our clothes tare. So that was nice. Then after that we ate lunch and had a Sister Missionary mall set up where people from all over our mission donated old clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. So that we could shop and get a few things. I got 2 way cute skirts and a dress, so I was pretty happy about that, and then Sister Murphy and I loaded up on soap and tooth paste, things  like that  because it is so expensive to buy so that was nice. It was really fun and I got to see all of my companions and some ward members from the Lake Reams ward was there so I was happy to see them!

Well I think that I am going to like it out here in Lecanto. The ward is kind of hard to be at, but the area is cool and very big, and it is very pretty out here, and Sister Murphy is great so that will be fun! I am way glad that I have a GPS though so I won't get so lost, everything is just trees and then all of a sudden there are buildings in the trees haha the main stores like walmart are more out in the open, but everything here really is just super hidden, I kind of feel like I am camping out here, even our apartment is out in the trees. I still can't get over the people here, everyone is always half dressed and has a gun strapped to their hip, I feel like I am learning another language too, I haven’t decided what its called yet, but I'm pretty sure its not English, just a mix between old person, hillbilly, southern, and throw in some Spanish and there ya go! And everyone out here thinks Sister Murphy and I are 60 pounds underweight which is so not true haha and they all want to feed us feed us feed us! Ah gosh I am going to have to work at not gaining weight especially since we don't bike! haha

Well anyways that's the fun for this week. Remember to say your prayers and don't walk out the door without your testimony. love you all!
Sister Jamison

P.s. Tyler is way super the cutest I love him

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 - Last day in Viera w/Sister Kreiberg

Hey family,
Wow this week sure passed by quickly. Well this is the first week of the new transfer and I am getting shipped out of Viera tomorrow. I am pretty sad because I have loved Viera so much. Honestly probably my favorite area that I have served in (ironic right?). The ward here is seriously amazing and serving with Sister Kreiberg has been a blast. We have been saying by to the members for the past few days and that is the worst. It is so sad because I will never be there again in the same way that I am now. It is so crazy how fast time flies by. Sister Kreiberg is going to stay here and train, she will do a good job. Last night we went over to Bishop Grover's home to say goodbye, he is such a good bishop and just all over great person and so is Sister Grover. I love them and their family very much. Tonight we are going to eat dinner with the Muller/Schafer family.  Brother Muller is originally from Brussels, Belgium, he met Sister Schafer over in the US and they had all their kids back in Belgium. They are probably the funniest family that I know, Brother Muller gets his words and phrases mixed up all the time, kind of like Sister Kreiberg does its way funny. They also have 2 really cute little girls that they adopted from China and they are seriously beautiful and so sweet. I am excited; it will be a good way to end my time here in Viera.
How did you all like conference? Wasn't it great? I liked how Elder Scott talked about how to teach the gospel simply, I think that is one of the most important lessons that I have learned as a missionary. Is that the gospel is simple. Something very cool about conference too is that in my Book of Mormon reading I have just read through Alma Chapters 17 to 35 this past week and it is crazy to see how hard hearted the people are in the Book of Mormon, they did not want to hear the truth.  And when they did they would get so upset and chase out or kill those that believed in God. As I was listening to general conference all I was thinking was yes I agree with the messages and yes I can see that what the apostles and prophets are speaking is truth from God. After one of the sessions of conference a member read something to us that was online about a person who did a report about the conference. Hearing how the reported view this conference was more than shocking to me. It is so true what the apostles have said. So many people want a comfortable God, one that doesn't make them work hard or push for anything. I am so grateful for a living day prophet and apostles. I know that they truly were called form God to help lead and guide us in these last days that can be so confusing! I hope that you all had a chance to watch and if you didn't go online to and watch it!
This morning we had some fun as a district, we went out to Cocoa Beach and to Ron Jon's surf shop. That was fun and the weather was perfect. We had to get there at 6am because we can't be at a beach past 8:30. We played Ultimate Frisbee and soccer and then the elders had a sand throwing battle, obviously none of the sisters got in on that. I still need to go home and pack, that's going to be a big job haha but we are going to Nathans later for a pizza party to say goodbye that will be fun too. Well I better go for now! Talk to you next week! Love you all!

Sister Jamison

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey what's up?
So obviously I am really excited that I have a new nephew who is super cute. Make sure to send me lots of pictures! That is so cool, I can't wait to meet little peanut!:)
This week on the other hand kind of put me through the ringer, but I guess all you can do is keep on keeping on right? Sister Kreiberg and I tracted a whole ton with not much success, but as always the Lord provided us with somebody to teach! So about 4 months ago when Sister Baker and Sister Peck were here they were out tracting I guess and they ran into a woman named Cynthia, they prayed with her and she didn't seem that interested, but she had given her sweater to Sister Baker for the night because it was cold and said just return it to me later. Well I guess the sisters forgot because it was still in our apartment forever! Well last Tuesday I was cleaning up a bit and I found the sweater and there was a note attached to it with Cynthia’s name and her phone number. So I set it on the table and told Sister K that we should probably try and return it this week. Then all week I kept looking at that little paper thinking, you should call Cynthia, and I just ignored it because I was foolish and just kept going about my business. Well Saturday night I was getting ready for bed and it was pretty late but I just had the thought come to my mind, go and call Cynthia now! So I ran up from my bed and went out to the living room to call her. She didn't answer and so I just left her a voicemail saying who I was and that she didn't know me, but that my companion and I would love to come and see her soon. Well the very next morning bright and early we got a call from Cynthia and she said that she had gotten our voicemail and asked if we could come over that evening, and of course we said yes! So after our dinner appointment we headed over to see her and she welcomed us right in. As soon as we sat down she just went off on how we need to be safe and how Florida is not a safe place, and just all theses things about protecting ourselves. Well it was nice but we kind of thought it was weird. And then the thought came to my mind to show a Mormon Message called Mountains to Climb. So we all watched that and she got all emotional.  She then, after the video, started to share with us how she has three sons and how two of them are dead.  One has died from cancer and the other one was murdered here in Florida. Which helped us to better understand why she talked to us so much about keeping ourselves safe. As she was telling us about her boys she expressed many concerns about why God allows things like this to happen, and Sister Kreiberg and I were able to use the Book of Mormon and show her how it answers the questions of the soul, such as why bad things happen to good people, where we go after this life, etc. We went straight into the Plan of Salvation and talked to her about how she would see her other children again. It seemed to comfort her very much, and she said now she knows that we were sent from God to help her. It was crazy to see how much she needed the gospel in her life, that's why I kind of got upset with myself as we were leaving her home, because I had ignored the prompting earlier in the week to call her. But I am so glad that we were able to go and see her. I know that she is so ready to hear this message and that it is going to bless her life so much. We have another lesson set up with her this week with one of her neighbors who is a member of our ward (Sister Carter) I am really excited for that.
Lets see.... Oh we also had a really good lesson with Nancy the Chinese lady last week, it was a little hard because of the whole translation thing, but it seemed to go well. We haven't been able to go ahold of her yet since the lesson, but the Chinese member who came with us to the lesson (Sister Campbell) said that she was going to call her, so we will see how that goes.
Did you all get a chance to watch the Women's Conference, except you guys? haha wasn’t it great!!! Our ward had a dinner at the church right before and of course the Zone Leaders showed up to crash dinner, so typical elders.... I loved Sister Wixom’s talk! She is so cute! haha all the little 8-year-old girls stood up in the church and were singing along, I loved it! I really liked how they all (including President Erying) talked about covenants, and how important they are. I really liked it because I thought it really helped the younger girls to understand that making covenants is like walking on a pathway with the end being the Celestial Kingdom of course. Sister Kreiberg and I finished up the last lesson with Chloe Ragozzine that day as well and we were able to show her how baptism is her first covenant.  We drew her a little picture with a gate being baptism and a little pathway with all the covenants she will make in her life and it was very good. She is so smart and seemed to understand perfectly that making covenants with God is the only way we return to our Father in Heaven. I really love that the Women’s conference was centered on that and that we are daughters of God, which is so important, especially for the youth to learn while they are so young! So so good! Kinda feels so cool when you are sitting there watching and you know that you are apart of the biggest women's organization in the whole world! Mormons are so cool! Anyways I loved it and I hope that you all got a chance to watch it as well!
I love you all! Talk to you next week!

Love Kreiberson or Jamiberg, whatever fits your fancy

Dinner for the women before the Conference Broadcast
A gentle reminder 

Getting ready for the broadcast

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Buenas tardes mi familia!
Wow so this week was sooo long haha but a good one at that!
So basically we had no solid investigators besides Nathan, and now that he is a member we are back to square one! Last week as we were doing weekly planning we knew that this week would be tough because we would be find A LOT, but the Lord has truly blessed us so much.  So last Tuesday Sister Kreiberg and I had nothing to do, no one to see and everyone who is anyone was busy, so we went and tracted for 6 hours straight and by the end of it I am pretty sure I wanted to cry because of how drained I felt. It is pretty hard to tract on the North side of Viera which is our area because everyone has a nice home and a job and not many people are home during the day expect for older retired people. But we were able to meet some very friendly people who allowed us to talk with them and pray with them so that made it all worth it. I don't think I could have handled anyone screamin at me that day. By the end of the day though Sister Kreiberg was ready to call it quits for sure. But surprising (but not really) the rest of the week wasn't too bad at all. When we got home Tuesday night before we did our planning for the next day we knelt down together to pray and plead with Heavenly Father that he would help us to accomplish all of our goals this week, and that we would be able to use our time productively and all I can say is that we were blessed so much. From about Wednesday on as we made calls to visit less active families in the ward a lot of them had free time open up to where we could share lessons.  When we went out to find we were able to teach many people on the doorstep and get return appointments and we placed 6 copies of the Book of Mormon this week, wow it was amazing for us. We also saw many great miracles as well, for one about 10 weeks about Sister Kreiberg and I stopped a woman while we were biking and asked if we could come and visit her, well she gave us her number and as we called she had never really been available to meet with us, well this last week we went to go and visit a potential investigator that we had met at the park and the woman we had met many weeks ago (Margret) happened to be his neighbor. When we tracted into her door she seemed to be less busy and we were able to set up a return appointment with her and now we are going back again tomorrow to visit her. What was so cool though when we went to see her the first time is that she already had a copy of the Book of Mormon from 50 years ago. She and her husband moved and a really good friend of theirs gave it to them as a going away gift. On the inside the friend wrote, " This may seem a little odd as a going away gift, but I feel as though it is the most important thing I could ever give you. I hope you find the happiness and joy that I have found in this book." Margret's husband has died now but she kept it because she said is was so dear to him. We were able to teach her out of the copy when we saw her it was very neat.  Then this week one of our potentials (Tommy) Margret's neighbor wasn't able to meet with us because he was going to go out of town with his family. Well this week as we were at the park to teach a less active who didn't happen to show up, Tommy and his family were there. He said that his trip had been canceled and so we were able to teach him and his wife at the park instead and set up another appointment to see them later this week, way cool. One last miracle, ok so... We received a referral from someone in the Viera 2nd ward (Mark) this week for a Chinese lady (Nancy) that came to church with him last Sunday, so we called this lady and of course we can barely understand each other, but we managed to get an appointment with her. Then when we went to visit her she wasn't home. K bummer.... then yesterday we had decided to go and try and see if she was home again and she was and right when she saw us she welcomed us in. We sat on the couch and she couldn't say more than two words to us, her son Alex who is 10 or 11 was translating for us, we were able to set up an appointment with her for tonight and a Chinese woman in our ward Sister Campbell is going to come with us. We are so excited, this lesson is going to be way interesting because it's going to be all in Chinese, but I think it will go well especially because Sister Campbell is going to be there and they will be able to click real well. Wohoo! I will let you know how that goes next week! Sister Kreiberg and I were blessed so much for tracting for hours I think, we accomplished all of our goals for teaching and then some. It is crazy how you really can't do anything on our own as a missionary. You have to depend completely on the Lord or nothing happens. I have been feeling that lately so much, especially now that we don't have many people to work with, but we do have some solid ones and I am excited about that. 
I was also able to go and get an eye exam this week which I am SO grateful for. My eyes have been bothering me so much lately, especially because my only pair of glasses I took with me on the mission are broken so I never can give my eyes a break during the day by taking my glasses off. So I was able to order some new glasses and I can't wait for them to get here! Ha funny thing though, so the Doc had to pour these weird drops in my eyes to dilate them super huge and she told me that the drops basically paralyze your eyes, and this was so she could get a more accurate reading she said. But it was the craziest feeling in the world first of all my pupils were so huge that you couldn't see the color of my eyes at all, I just had black eyes it was so freaky! And I could only see things that were 10 to 15 feet in front of me, anything closer than that or further than that was a complete blur, soooooo weird, and my eyes couldn't focus on anything so my whole depth perception was gone.  Seriously the weirdest feeling of my life haha, that lasted about 2 days and Sister K had to drive us around because I was just hazardous haha but I am proud of myself that we were still able to go out and work hard, I just had to wear sunglasses everywhere because my eyes were so big the light hurt so bad haha but all is well now, eyes are good haha I will take pics of my glasses when I get them. I think you will like them! Well that's all for now! Love you all!

Getting ready to teach their Book of Mormon class

Sister Jamison XOXOCTR